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    What's their name? Gen 1 - Round 3

    1) Latimore's

    Flynn & Amethyst 'Misty' waited 6 years before add more to there family Lennan is now 9 and CJ is 6 they are now about to be big brother and sister to a set of twins 1 of each gender! They are to have repeating letters and middle name is to be colour themed.

    DS: Lennan Grey (9)[emitheduckling]
    DD: Cassidy Jade 'CJ' (6) [sparkleninja18]

    2) O'Brien's

    Jayson & Lydia have now been married 3 years. JR was 2 when they wed. They are now expecting a set of triplets. Something they never thought they would have. So they are now expecting 2 boys and a little girl in their new bundle of surprises!! names are to be unusual like marnie, embver ad josten's names. and a very different/rare name for the middle.

    DD: Marnie Aleah (12)
    DD: Ember Concord (8) [peacheysmiles]
    DS: Josten Ridge (5) [emitheduckling]

    3) Walmsley's

    Aaron & Wife Elsa are now expecting a little girl the first singleton pregnancy they have had. Brock, Bailey, Luna, Orion and Nova are excited to have a little sister after 7 years of not having a baby around. the kids want an unusual name and and a middle name that is french.

    DS/DS: Brock solomon & Bailey Ames (10)[shanade213]
    DD/DD/DS: Luna Haven/ Nova Tempest/ Orion Steele (7.5) [peacheysmiles/allij28/sparkleninja18]

    4) Hamilton-Lowe's

    Isla Monroe Hamilton's fiancé Scott Mitchell married her 2 weeks ago as they wanted to be married before the twins arrived. They are having 2 girls. they want names that have cute nicknames and middle names that go well with their names.

    DS: Finnian Milo 'Finn' (7) [emitheduckling]
    DD: Raven Elodie 'Rae' (5)


    Olivia Marie & Jonathan James decided to adopt a set of sibling there are 4 of them 2 twin boys and a younger boy and a baby girl. They already have names that are Surname themed, however you will be picking their middle names as they don't have any. You are giving them D themed middle names as the other children have.

    DS: Kyle Dakota (8) [sparkleninja18]
    DAS/DAS: (6)
    DD/DD: Alza Delphine & Luna Dorcas (4) [allij28]
    DAS: (3)
    DAD: (NB)


    Joey Edward & Kacey Maria are taking on Joeys Adopted sisters children as she has an alcohol addiction which has led to bloody poisoning and she only has a few weeks left and she wanted her children o go to a loving family.. She has 3 children all boys. They have Place names and middle names are Unisex.

    DD/DD/DS: Maya Evangeline, Luna Malayeka & Eli Serafin [shanade213]
    DS: Luca Aspen Flynn [emitheduckling]
    DAS: (12)
    DAS: (7)
    DAS: (2)
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