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    Twin girl middle names

    Hi all, you helped us narrow down our first name choices for our twin girls; Cecily and Margaux. We have a couple family names we're thinking of using as middle names, but I wouldn't say we're terribly excited about it. I was thinking it could be cool to tie the twins together somehow with their middle names since their first names will be so different. Any ideas?

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    How about using middle names that share the same meaning?

    Cecily Grace & Margaux Anne (Anne means "grace.")
    Cecily Isobel & Margaux Elizabeth (Isobel and Elizabeth both mean "pledged to God.")
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    I am all for individual names, but since it's in the are a few ideas (nature, gems, flowers, literature etc).

    Cecily Primrose & Margaux Violet
    Cecily Pearl & Margaux Ruby
    Cecily Gwendolyn (Winnie) & Margaux Philomena (Minnie)
    Cecily Rivers & Margaux Laken
    Cecily Lark & Margaux Wren
    Cecily Lenore & Margaux Annabell
    Cecily Fable & Margaux Story
    Cecily Kathleen & Margaux Imogene
    Cecily Scarlett & Margaux Lavender

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    Here are some suggestions...

    Cecily Rose & Margaux Violet (flowers)
    Cecily Iris & Margaux Ivy (same letter / flowers)
    Cecily Minnie & Margaux Annie (similar sounding)
    Cecily Matilda & Margaux Clare (rotated initials)
    Cecily Imogen & Margaux Esme (same meaning - both mean beloved)
    Cecily Minerva & Margaux Persephone (same origin - mythology names)

    I think this is such a cute idea - I love the way they'll have very individual names, but will be linked with the middle names! There are loads of cool ways to link too! My favourite from the list above is Esme & Imogen.

    Good luck!!

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