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    Just need some thoughts...HELP

    I feel I am desensitized when it comes to choosing a name. I love my son's name, Collier Robert. I do love my daughter's name, but I was so tired of bickering with my DH about names that I took myself completely out of the name game all together with her. However, he chose something I do love, Aurrelia Anjelica. Baby number three is on the way. It is another girl. I have three names that I could totally go with and feel like they fit with the siblings. I just don't know which one to choose and I need some assistance; my family is no help.


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    Isannah is one of my favorites, so of course I am going to be partial. I think she goes perfectly with your other kids' names. I also really like Layla, but it is in the top 100. Lydia is ok, it does not wow me like the other names.

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    I've never heard Isannah before but it is pretty. I think it goes the best with your other children's names. Lydia and Layla are names I both like but they seem plain next to Aurrelia and Collier.

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    I agree that Lydia and Layla seem common compared to Aurrelia and Collier, I wouldn't use Isannah myself but we've got pretty different tastes and it seems like the best fit with the sibset, so if you love it, use it. Good luck!
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    I like Isannah with your sibset. What mn are you thinking of?
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