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Thread: Tiberius Edward

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    Tiberius Edward

    Hi, I'm a name nerd who has been discussing names of possible future children with my boyfriend, and we've settled on Tiberius Edward, with possible nickname 'Tibbers' if we have a boy.
    Tiberius was his suggestion and I love it, and Edward is a family middle name from my side, though I also love the name Edmund.
    What are your thoughts on the combo?

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    *bump* I'd also like help coming up with sibling names to go with Tiberius

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    Tiberius is something I've never heard before. Honestly, it seems very, very strong and masculine, I can't picture it on a little boy, or an artsy teenager. I picture a 50 y.o. business man who's willing to do anything it takes to make that extra penny. I really love Edward though! I like to use family names in the middle, so that's great. Edmund is nice too, but Edward is so strong and classic and maybe a bit gentler than Tiberius.

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    Also searching for ways to include:
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    Tiberius Edward is a fantastic name. Yes, Tiberius is a heavy name, but it's got plenty of more accessible nicknames - Tibbers is cute for a baby, but he could easily go by Ty, Tibe, Tibby, or even Ted/Teddy, thanks to the middle name. I think Edward balances it perfectly; Edmund is also lovely but too unusual when paired with Tiberius.

    With a brother Tiberius I would go with other old (not necessarily Roman), underused names that are full of historical significance but also have accessible nicknames:

    Tiberius and Edmund
    Tiberius and Hector (Huck)
    Tiberius and Augustus / Augustine (Gus)
    Tiberius and Magnus
    Tiberius and Maximilian (Max)
    Tiberius and Ferdinand (Ferdie)
    Tiberius and Hadrian (Hadrie)
    Tiberius and Alfred (Alfie)
    Tiberius and Leonidas (Leo)
    Tiberius and Otto
    Tiberius and Sigismund (Siggy)
    Tiberius and Charles (Charlie)
    Tiberius and Achilles (Achi)
    Tiberius and Sebastian (Bastian)
    Tiberius and Lucan (Luc)
    Tiberius and Constantine (Tino)
    Tiberius and Felix

    Tiberius and Livia
    Tiberius and Cleopatra (Cleo)
    Tiberius and Theodora (Teddy)
    Tiberius and Augusta (Gus)
    Tiberius and Matilda (Mattie)
    Tiberius and Antonia (Annie)
    Tiberius and Lavinia (Lavie)
    Tiberius and Cordelia (Cory)
    Tiberius and Theresia (Tess)
    Tiberius and Beatrice (bea)
    Tiberius and Zoe
    Tiberius and Catherine (Kit)
    Tiberius and Victoria (Vita)
    Tiberius and Penelope (Penny)
    Tiberius and Zenobia (Zee)
    Tiberius and Minerva (Minnie)
    Tiberius and Alexandra (Alex)
    Tiberius and Caroline (Calla)
    Tiberius and Lucretia (Lucie)
    Tiberius and Helena (Nell)
    Tiberius and Clothilde (Chloe)
    Tiberius and Elizabeth (Libby)
    Tiberius and Sophia
    Tiberius and Virginia (Vivi)
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