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    Thank-you Nameberry friends! I think right now we're going to plan for Finley Maxwell (nn Finn) and practice saying it for the next couple months to see how it feels. If are not both still convicted, we have another great name (Clark) in our back pocket I SO appreciate your input and sharing of your personal experiences. I shared all of your notes w/ my husband last night as we were coming to our current conclusion All the best to you all!

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    I don't see any problem with it, even if it is unisex. I know plenty of guys with names that are also used on girls. I'm not sure why there is fear behind using these names. I don't think it will change a boy's life for the worst. If you want a super masculine name, Finley just isn't that.

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    I think Finley for a girl is becoming uber popular. That would be my only concern. But, if you are going to call him Finn, you're probably ok!

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    I don't think the girls have totally stolen Finley. I think the name Finlay (this spelling) is very handsome and Finlay Maxwell is a nice combo.

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    Finley is a surname in my family and I've never met anyone with it as a first name.

    I don't think it's feminine at all. I'd assume it was a boy if I saw it on a list, though almost any name these days seems to be sometimes used for girls (I met a Ryan and a Hunter last week--both girls!).

    Especially if you're planning to use Finn regularly I think Finley is fine.

    If you do go with Clark, I prefer it spelled without the e.
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