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    grant is a good name, that is kind of like clark, but can be cute for a baby and handsome for an adult...

    i would assume finley is a boy, said an american girl who designs baby nursery artwork and apparel...

    now riley is a different story, that could be either...

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    I really don't get the appeal of Finley...I love Finn, Flynn, Finnegan, Ferguson, Finola and Fiona, but Finley just strikes me as an exceedingly homely person. The syllables seem mismatched and shoddy together. Bad as it is on a boy, I find it deplorable on a girl. I hope this trend goes fast. Clark is very cool, though!!

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    I love Finley! I'm so sad about the trajectory it seems to be taking in America--it seems like such a rugged and charming Irish name, along the lines of Rory, Riley, Declan, Cillian, or Ciaran (half of which are also seen as unisex in America--boo!). I cannot for the life of me understand the appeal in Finley on a girl at all--my name is Ashley, and I can generally see how some of these--Hadley, Bailey, etc.--can be construed as a girls' name (although I don't know why. All of these surnamey two-syllable ending in "ley" names all have masculine/surname origins!), but Finley?! It sounds so masculine and just screams little boy to me. I feel like my mind explodes every time I hear of a little female Finley (which isn't often, but I came across it once in a TV show, and the topic pops up time and again). I've heard of Finley used much more often for boys, even though it's more popular for girls, and I'd really love to meet a little boy Finley, honestly! Finley Joshua (Finley Joshua David?) was on my list once--I still really love it, and toy around with it as a middle. I honestly don't love just Finn (or even Finn as a nn), but I love the longer Finn names--particularly Finley and Finnian! Finnegan and Phineas are pretty great, too, though.

    I know a little boy named Clark, so perhaps that colors my perception of one, but I'd much rather meet a little boy Finley than a Clark!
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    Ha, it's funny you mention Finley Maxwell as a combo! I'm in a serious debate between naming my son Finley Cole (nn Finn) Maxwell Liam (nn Max).
    Personally I don't know of a single Finley and couldn't see it on a girl.

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    What are your thoughts on this name? I love Finn, but don't care for Finley. The only full name I like for Finn is Finnegan, but still prefer it on its own.

    Would you make an assumption of gender if you saw the name written down? I personally think it's all boy, but it's considered unisex and more popular for girls atm.

    Do you know many/any Finleys of either gender in your area? No, but I am in college so I rarely see anyone under the age of 18 and most of the children in my family are 8 and older.

    Do you think it would be better to go w/ our next choice of "Clark(e)"? Clark is so handsome! I do think it's the more classic, timeless of the two. That being said, I am worried that you would feel like you are settling for #2.

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