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    It seems like a boys name to me. That said, I prefer Clark on a grown man. Or Finn. Finley/Finlay seem very small boy to me.

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    What are your thoughts on this name?
    I like the name; it's a tad trendy for me though. I think the "ley" ending is going towards the girls. When I see "Finn," though I think of a boy (like Huckleberry Finn.)

    Would you make an assumption of gender if you saw the name written down?
    If I see Finn as a boy, Finley as a girl, and Finlay as a boy.

    Do you know many/any Finleys of either gender in your area?
    I know one and she is a 7 month old baby girl.

    Do you think it would be better to go w/ our next choice of "Clark(e)"?
    I LOVE Clark. It sounds so handsome to me.

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    I'm biased because we named our little guy Finley in November. We have had tons of compliments on his name since then.

    We have met two Finley's- one boy and one girl (girl is a Finnley). But like Aidan/Aiden and Riley, I think Finley will be a unisex name usable by both genders. I've also met a boy Finneas (with that spelling), who goes by Finn.

    For us, Finley was a better choice than Finn because we felt it gave our guy more choices. He can go by whichever he chooses. Plus, I love the meaning of Finley- my fair hero .

    I, personally have no problem picturing a grown man with the name Finley. I've met grown up Finn's and they are great. I also know Bradley and Wesley's that are grown up and they don't have any trouble. I even know a male Ashley. These guys play sports, are professionals and have great social lives. I'm fairly certain that having an "ley" ending name will not hinder a man.

    Honestly, I did have a similar moment of hesitation when considering the name Finley. But as with other unisex names, I think boys will still be able to carry this name without much of a stigma. The naming world is changing and it is okay for both sexes to use great names. Males shouldn't be cutout just because females also use a name. I don't think our kids are going to think about this as much as we do. They will know both girls and boys with the same name. It will be okay.

    As mentioned, I'm biased. I love the name and it is perfect for our little one. I would encourage you to use the name if you love it. I'm sure your little one will be a wonderful little and grown up Finley or Clark(e). Both are great names.

    Best of luck. (FYI- I live on the west coast).

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    Thank-you so much! My husband and I are still in deep discussion on this one It is encouraging to hear of other little boys and parents of boys holding strong to the name!

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    I think it is sad this one is going to the girl side so tired of everyone sticking boy names on girls!

    Anyway because of that he will probably have girls with that name in his school as well. Maxwell is another one that is also being put on girls less than Finley but it is. This would deter me from it but you guys have to decide if that bothers you or not.
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