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    Need help honoring my baby sister.

    My little sister Raven passed away 2 months ago. She knew I was pregnant, but yesterday I found out that we're having a little girl. It's sort of bittersweet and I know for sure we want to use her name in some capacity. I have thought of naming my daughter Raven and then I think how would I cope having to hear that name everyday and think of my sister. We've also gone through the idea of changing the spelling or using it as a middle name or even her middle name Blair as a first name. What are some good combinations with Raven as a middle name and what are some good middle names / alternate spellings for Raven and Blair?

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    I'm sorry for you loss. I'd probably go with Dove or Robin, which would honor the sweet and peaceful memory of Raven. They connect strongly enough without the intense feelings of using the name Raven itself. Dove and Robin are such beautiful name too. Robin could be a first, Dove I'd use as a second. Not together, though.

    What do you think of that?

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    So sorry for your loss, truly. Honoring your sister in this way is so special.

    I really love the idea of using Raven as a middle name, because I agree with you -- might be a bit too weird/painful all of a sudden having a new "Raven".

    Adelphia means "dearest sister" and Adelpha means "beloved sister", respectfully. Adelphia Raven or Adelpha Raven both sound so awesome to me.

    Let us know what you decide!!

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    I'm so sorry for your loss.

    I like all of these, some are more a stretch than others:
    Ravenna Blair
    Claire Raven
    Branwen Blair (Branwen means 'blessed raven' but wouldn't hurt to say every day?)
    Branwen Rae
    Raven Blythe - Blythe meaning 'happy.'

    Rae alone as a first name could be an option? Or Rachel Wynne, Rae Wynne?

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