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    Baby #2, Phoebe and Florence - too matchy?

    Hello Berries!

    We are TTC baby #2 and I've been thinking baby names for quite awhile now. I'm really struggling on one point but my husband doesn't think it's an issue.

    Our first daughter is called Phoebe, and as I start compiling my lists of favourites, many of them begin with the letter F...


    Instinctively, it doesn't feel right to have a second child with a name beginning with F, when Phoebe's name is 'Ph' (pronounced F). There's something that just seems weird about it to me - I'm not a fan of siblings sharing the same initial and this feels worse in a way.

    I'd love to know what other berries think - would you think twice if you heard Phoebe and Florence?

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    I don't think there's a problem with Phoebe and Florence at all! They are both totally different names, and both gorgeous in different ways.
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    Phoebe and Florence are gorgeous, both as separate names and as a sibset. I don't think they are too matchy. I also like Phoebe with Francesca.
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    I think Phoebe and Florence go really well together!
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    I agree that there isn't a problem with it. They have separate initials and the names go nicely together. I wouldn't hesitate about it if I were you, but it's always mother's intuition on this one. If you can get over a fear of name regret for the sibset, then by all means, they go great together!!

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