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    Exclamation 1. Name for heroine

    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]1: ‘NAMING X’ Form[/FONT]

    Genre of Story: Dystopian / Sci-Fi

    Time Period/Location: 3026 ish America, Denver (although not called Denver anymore)

    Character Description: Wavy honey hair & cognac eyes. 16. Very book smart, loves reading, but has a relatively sarcastic inner voice. Not good with handling her emotions, and has a tendency to bottle it up then explode.

    Brief Plot: Following a revolt and the instatement of a new government (a very bad one, kind of a twist on the whole "glorious wonderful revolution" plot thats going around) an agency has begun to experiment by putting microchips into the brains of teens to give them "enhanced abilities" and train them to fight. The MC and Hero are both parts of the experiment.

    Who named the character: Her father, a very liberal, very anti-new government man; and her mother, a very smart woman, she owned a giant library in the capitol city, but went mad after willingly subjecting her daughter to the experiment

    Immediate Family (if relevant): Father Maxwell, Mother Sienna

    Already Considered (if relevant): Olivia nn Liv (I keep coming back to this, but am caught on the fact that it is so common right now) | Camden nn Cam | Halle/Hallie | Aidan

    Don’t Suggest These Names: Nothing too long without a nickname, too obscure, or super old fashioned without a modern nickname

    Anything else?: I love in Divergent where the MC is named "Beatrice" but called "Tris" as opposed to "Bea". I love the idea of classic names with modern nicknames (as opposed to the expected nicknames for those names). If no nickname, something short enough to be used conversationally (ie. no Genevieve) Considering the last name Jackson, & having the hero call her Jacks (or something similar with Becks)

    Hero: The hero's name is Bennett, called Ben

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    renrose Guest
    Excellent assistance! I love it when people actually give us an idea of what they're looking for. Makes the job so much easier.

    Classic names with unexpected nicknames:

    Charlotte - Arlo
    Catherine - Trina/Atty
    Alexandria - Sandy/Lexie/Annie/Andy/Dree
    Adrienne - Dree
    Elizabeth - Libby/Zabby
    Margaret - Emmy/Garet

    Short Names


    Based on your description of her parents, I don't think - personally - that boy's names on girls or place names would be the choice of an extensive reader with a vast library. Combined with her father's description I think they might have gone with something literary that also had a bit of a secret political meaning. Like...

    Asha (hope)
    Emmeline (the name of a famous suffragette)
    Bellona (to fight)
    Hera (warrior)
    Ophelia (help)
    Saoirse (freedom)

    I think of all the ones I suggested, Alexandria is the best fit. There are a surplus of unusual nicknames and it carries the meaning 'defender of men'.

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    Hmm, a few I can think of off the top of my head...

    Alexina nn Lina
    Isadora nn Isa/Sadie
    Eleanor nn Lea
    Rhiannon nn Annie/Anna
    Florence nn Loren
    Joanna nn Jay
    Cordelia nn Corrie/Delia/Cora/Ella/Lia

    I would love to 2nd the suggestion of Ophelia though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post

    I think of all the ones I suggested, Alexandria is the best fit. There are a surplus of unusual nicknames and it carries the meaning 'defender of men'.

    I really like this, my only hesitation is that Alexander is my brother's name hmm...
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