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    Smile Opinions on Hudson?

    I know it's probably not typically a very 'berry' name, but I found myself crushing on this name a few months back and well...the crush hasn't gone away. I get a sweet Earthy feel from it, as well as images of New York city, which is a place I've always wanted to visit. I just wanted the general consensus. WDYT?
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    I love explorer names! Cabot is my favorite, but Hudson's also great.

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    Since I'm a New Yorker the river is a great association. It's warm and adventurous. I wouldn't choose it but I like it a lot.

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    I really like the name Hudson. It does have a great Earthy and explorer feel to it. I don't really have a positive association with the Hudson River... Sure, it's adventurous, but it's kinda dirty (at least around the city; upstate it's probably a lot nicer).

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    I used to really dislike this name, but it's grown on me somewhat.

    To me as an East Coaster it still have a fairly industrial, "don't drink that!" feel from the river. I don't hear "wilderness" when I think Hudson river?

    Personally, I'd like it better if I could disassociate it from New York, actually (how classic unpleasant Philadelphian of me!) but if you don't mind it than it's not a negative.

    It does somewhat make me think of the Gargoyles cartoon (where the gargoyles were mostly named after parts of New York) so I kind of think of this guy but that hasn't held back Brooklyn. Hudson is a better name than Brooklyn.

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