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    Sagan (Sage), Jameson (Mason), or November (Ember)?

    Choosing a girls name was easy, but if it's a boy we are pretty stuck so far. We would like something pretty unique but not completely off the deep end.
    I love Sagan, after Carl Sagan, with Sage as a nickname. Hubby likes it but isn't 100%.
    Mason might be too popular to pull of Jameson? Plus it means son of James, and while James is a family name, it's not my husband's. Dad likes it mostly because he loves to drink Jameson whiskey!
    And November is a bit out there (it's the month he'll be born in), and Ember might be too feminine a nickname, but there's something about them I love together for a boy. Though I suppose his nickname could also be Bear...
    Runners up are Banyon (Bay), Kale, Maxon or Maximilian (Max), River(s?), and Cerulean (Ceru). I hate to be influenced by too many other opinions, but I think I need to hear some to help decide if these are keepers.
    Please let me know your thoughts on these names and order of preference!
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    I love November! All of your picks are soft and unisex, but Bear is manly, which is a cool option in case your son is a man's man. What about Cypress? You could call him Sigh. I like Jameson, but I think pulling Mason from it is a bit too much. I like Sage a lot. Cerulean could go by Ian too. Personally, I don't like Kale or Max.

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    I really, really like November. It's definitely a conversation-starter kind of name! As long as it's paired with a more traditional middle name, I think it could work. I'm not sure if I'm crazy about the nn Ember, though. Bear, sure! I agree with the pp - Mason is a little too much of a stretch to pull out of Jameson. What about Jem? I like Sage a lot... but not necessarily Sagan.

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    Thanks! My favs at this point are Sage and November. I like the longer name Sagan for Sage because, well, I really love Carl Sagan, but it also masculines it a bit. But I'm sure we'd always call him Sage. I love November but still hesitant if it's too feminine, especially with the nn Ember, though the nn Bear is growing on me a little. If we didn't use Mason as a nn for Jameson, inevitably it will get shortened to James and that's too bland for me. Not so big on Jem, because that reminds me of the cartoon Jem and the Holograms from the 80s, very much feminine. I really like the nickname Ceru (Seh-roo) for Cerulean, but my husband thinks Cerulean would get pronounced Seh-roo-leen, which sounds awful. Not so big on Ian just because it's so common, but I suppose it'd be nice for him to have that option if he wanted it.

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    And while it's already been nixed by my husband, my very first choice was always Sebastian (Bastian). I just LOVE that name and if I could use it that would be the one.

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