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    Sagan (Sage), Jameson (Mason), or November (Ember)?

    Choosing a girls name was easy, but if it's a boy we are pretty stuck so far. We would like something pretty unique but not completely off the deep end.
    I love Sagan, after Carl Sagan, with Sage as a nickname. Hubby likes it but isn't 100%.
    Mason might be too popular to pull of Jameson? Plus it means son of James, and while James is a family name, it's not my husband's. Dad likes it mostly because he loves to drink Jameson whiskey!
    And November is a bit out there (it's the month he'll be born in), and Ember might be too feminine a nickname, but there's something about them I love together for a boy. Though I suppose his nickname could also be Bear...
    Runners up are Banyon (Bay), Kale, Maxon or Maximilian (Max), River(s?), and Cerulean (Ceru). I hate to be influenced by too many other opinions, but I think I need to hear some to help decide if these are keepers.
    Please let me know your thoughts on these names and order of preference!
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