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Thread: Noah Casper?

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    Noah Casper?

    Hi all,

    I really like Noah Casper as a name. The problem is the surname is Cooper. Does this not flow well? I want something unusual in the middle seeing as Noah is very popular. Others I like:

    Noah Jude
    Noah Grey
    Noah Phineas
    Noah Jasper (I feel it's too posh/I don't like it as much as Casper)
    Noah Tobias (I feel it's too posh for my taste)

    I don't feel like I've found the one though. Any other middle name suggestions would be really appreciated! I also like the name Theodore Jude and Leo Casper. What are people's favourites out of Noah, Theodore and Leo? Which 2 make the best sibset: Noah and Theodore or Noah and Leo? All opinions welcome - good and bad.

    Thanks so much!

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    I really like Noah Casper Cooper? I think its punchy!
    You could always add another middle name to create a flow if you feel that's what's missing?
    Noah Casper James Cooper
    Noah Casper Jonas Cooper

    Not sure why I picked 'J' names but I think it made it softer.
    My fav sibset would be Noah and Leo, but Theodore is beautiful too!
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    I think Casper and Cooper are too similar. I would also pick a 1 or 3+ syllable name for the middle. Noah Casper Cooper is choppy sounding. Noah Cooper sounds great thought! My favorite off your list would be Noah Phineas Cooper.

    Between Noah and Theodore and Noah and Leo, I would choose Noah and Theodore nn Theo.
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    I agree with emsky that Casper and Cooper are just too similar and they just won't work together IMO.

    Noah Jude is gorgeous but Jude wouldn't be want I'd go for if you want something a little more unique. The other one I really like is Noah Tobias, it's different without being odd.

    I don't care for Grey or Jasper. Noah Grayson would sound lovely though?

    Other ideas...
    Noah Gabriel
    Noah Solomon
    Noah Everett
    Noah Dominic
    Noah Atticus
    Noah Elliot
    Noah Addison
    Noah Barnaby
    Noah Rupert
    Noah Quinlan
    Noah Sebastian
    Noah Jacoby

    I adore Theodore Jude, it's very much my style! Noah & Theodore together are perfection to me and although I've recently gone off the name Noah because of popularity they are still gorgeous together. I much prefer Noah and Theodore to Noah & Leo. I think Leo is just too modern sounding and that Leonard or Leopold would be a much better, more formal option to have.

    I think something like Noah Elliot & Theodore Jude would be amazing!

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    My son's name is Noah Henry. :-) I also like...
    Noah James
    Noah Vincent
    Noah John
    Noah Rigby
    Noah Fallon
    Noah Bennett
    Noah Seamus

    Hope you find the perfect combo for you! Noah is a beautiful name!
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