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    Vivacious Viv makes 5!

    After a week of prodromal labor (and being sent home from the hospital once!) our Vivacious Viv entered the world in the wee hours of St. Patrick's Day. We arrived at the hospital and she was born within the hour, in fact - nothing like cutting it close!

    Our darling Vivienne Frances joins sister Matilda Rose and brother Simon Patrick, making us a family of five.

    We felt that we needed a moniker with a nickname as spunky as Tillie -- and Viv seemed the perfect choice. I can just picture them in their 80s, cruising around in a vintage convertible.

    Frances was chosen to honor a recently-passed family member.

    We are so thrilled to welcome this little munchkin!

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    Congratulations! Tillie and Viv are perfect nicknames and Vivienne, Matilda and Simon are great sibling names!
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    Congratulations! I had a week of prodromal labor too. Not knowing when the end of it is coming is awful, but after you get that baby, you forget! Enjoy your baby girl.
    Eliza June, b. 12.2.13 at 1:21am

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    Love your name story and she sounds delightful and her siblings names are perfect too. Congratulations.
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