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    I've heard Flick and Fliss used on Felicitys. What do you think of those nicknames?
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    Lots of beautiful names here too! I have suggested a few of these to him but maybe the nicknames will sway him on a few.

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    Yeah I definitely wouldn't want her to be called Flick or Flicka or Felly...those don't sound very feminine to me. Haha!

    Quote Originally Posted by alphabetters View Post
    Hey, I can help, I have a daughter Felicity!

    Honestly, every day I love her name more and more. We get compliments on it constantly, and the nickname that my husband came up with and that we now use tons of is "Lissy". It's a really sweet little baby girl nickname and I love it, it fits her perfectly and it's so sweet when she says her own full name. Right now her older sister is yelling "No Lissy!" and it's still great haha.

    Like others mentioned, there is also Flick which is common but I've never used. I don't recommend Felly, yucky, imo!

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    I really do like only issue with it is the same one I have with Cecelia which is the meaning. It is "tribe woman" is definitely interesting! Haha!

    Quote Originally Posted by caligal View Post
    Adelaide (Addy, Adele)
    Aurora (Rory, Aura)
    Beatrice (Bea)
    Catherine (Cate, Cat)
    Cordelia (Cora, Coco)
    Delilah (Lila)
    Eleanor (Nori, Nora, Elle)
    Evangeline (Eve, Eva)
    Genevieve (Vivi) gives you the same nickname as Vivienne?
    Matilda (Tilly)

    Sorry for any repeats!

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    I'm not really crazy about those. My son has a more traditional sounding nickname option so I would like my daughter to have that too. Flick and Fliss don't really sound like names to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by jessieo View Post
    I've heard Flick and Fliss used on Felicitys. What do you think of those nicknames?

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