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    Adelaide (Addy, Adele)
    Aurora (Rory, Aura)
    Beatrice (Bea)
    Catherine (Cate, Cat)
    Cordelia (Cora, Coco)
    Delilah (Lila)
    Eleanor (Nori, Nora, Elle)
    Evangeline (Eve, Eva)
    Genevieve (Vivi) gives you the same nickname as Vivienne?
    Matilda (Tilly)

    Sorry for any repeats!
    les filles ~ Audrey Cordelia Eliza Fiona Hazel Lucy Mabel Viola

    les garçons ~ August Charles Griffin Hugo Isaac Jude Lachlan Theodore

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    You have a few on here that I haven't suggested to him before which is wonderful! I am going to make a list and run some by him tonight!

    Quote Originally Posted by lerenard View Post
    I like Colette, Scarlett and Ravenna off your list. Honestly, Felicity and Claire seem just as dated as Vivienne to me. None of them are bad choices, though I don't like Felicity one little bit.

    Gweneviere (Winnie)

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    Thank you so much for the suggestions. For the middle name we are thinking something from the family. It will probably either be Victoria after great grandpa Victor or Caroline after grandma's middle name Carol. But it all depends on the first name because my son almost ended up with the initials we have to be careful! Haha!

    Quote Originally Posted by rollo View Post
    Felicity Claire nn Flick would be a lovely combo

    You have some lovely names on your list. I especially like Linnea, Blythe, Cecelia and lovely to see Finola on your list.

    Maybe if you give him a name with a middle included your DH will love the names more?

    Cecelia Willow
    Linnea Marguerite
    Annabel Blythe
    Blythe Marion
    Finola Margaret

    Jeanette Hazel
    Georgiana Elise
    Caroline Margot
    Amelia Carys
    Lucinda Meredith
    Miranda Olivia
    Juliet Melisande
    Daisy Jane
    Penelope Ruth
    Cosima Aurora
    Harriet Constance
    Araminta Soleil


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    Thank you for the suggestions and the nicknames too! I guess I am having a hard time picturing Felicity on a little girl...probably because I've only ever known adults with this name.

    Quote Originally Posted by jem View Post
    Claire and Felicity are lovely. I agree that Claire is pretty nickname-proof, but Felicity has plenty of nicknames IMO! I know 3 Felicitys, and they go by Flick x 2 and Fliss. I also like Flossie and Lissie.
    Some suggestions...
    Fiona (Fi)
    Charlotte (Charlie, Lottie)
    Violet (Vie, Lettie)
    Matilda (Millie, Tillie)
    Eleanor (Ellie, Nell, Nora)
    Annabel (Annie, Bella)
    Helena (Nellie)
    Genevieve (Evie, Ginny)

    Good luck!

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    He is definitely more conservative when it comes to naming. There are also very conservative names within his own siblings...Rebecca, Abigail, Gloria, I think that is how he is programmed.

    Quote Originally Posted by jackal View Post
    I know a Felicity and the diminutive that naturally emerged for her was Fliss. I've heard of that used on other Felicitys as well, and also Flick. Don't worry too much about nicknames I would say, if you're a nicknaming sort of person they'll probably emerge naturally for most any name you pick, and especially a 3-syllable name like Felicity. Do you like Felicity otherwise? I think it's a really nice name! Felicity Claire is lovely.

    From the examples you give I think your two styles seem fairly similar - the vibe I get from most of them is classic, unpretentious, sophisticated, though maybe he's a bit more conservative than you? You each picked a few of my aunts' names out (which all seem to get a lot of positive comments on this site) so maybe you have similar taste to my grandparents, so I'll include the other sisters


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