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    My Brother's "Twins"

    My younger brother and his girlfriend are both taking a parenting class and they had to each take a baby home for 2 days/nights. They decided to both get girls so they would have twin girls. This is what they named them (I'm not sure how they spelled the names so I'm just going with what I think):

    Sophia Lilah
    Belle Madison

    What do you berries think of their name choices? While I like all the names individually, I don't like the combinations. I really like the name Lilah, but not paired with Sophia. I don't like the repetitive -ah endings and Sophia is to popular for my taste, nor is it really my style. I like the names Belle and Madison separately, but not together because it makes think of the movie Billy Madison, which is a popular movie in my house. I also prefer Belle in the middle name spot. So what does everyone else think of the names?

    *If they had gotten a boy his name would have Landon Caleb which I LOVE.
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    Thoughts in no particular order:

    I like Lila better than Lilah. But Lilah's okay.

    I think Lila(h) Sophia has better flow than vice-versa but truly I would avoid two -a names if possible. Particularly if I had twins! I would give one Lila and the other Sophia if I had to use Sophia.

    I like Belle as a first name or a middle. It works fine up front and is kind of surprising as a short and simple first.

    I detest Madison as a first or middle for any baby.

    Sophia doesn't excite me as a name, but it's not terrible.

    I hate both Landon and Caleb, but they go together fine.

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