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    Thoughts on Morgan

    I'm thinking about naming my second daughter Morgan and would like peoples opinions on what style it is. To me it's one of those unisex names that sound more feminine than masculine. Some ideas on names that go with Morgan's style for future children would be helpful along with thoughts on my own list of names (in 1st comment). Thanks so much in advance.

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    I prefer Morgan on a boy but it's ok for a girl as well. May I ask what you named your first daughter? Your name style is very different from my own tastes so I'll just comment on how each name would go with Morgan. I've bolded the names that I feel would work well with it.

    Erica - ok with Morgan albeit a little more feminine. It also shares an initial with Emily.
    Peyton - ok if you don't mind the same ending as Morgan
    Reese - a good one-syllable choice
    Taylor - a natural sister for a Morgan
    Camryn - too matchy with Morgan
    Erin - see Camryn
    Jordan - Morgan and Jordan? Umm, not a good idea.
    Rory - Mor and Ror? Too matchy.
    Brooke - a good choice for a future sibling
    Brynn - see Camryn
    Sydney - see Taylor
    Marley - Ms Cyrus is here for awhile and this one shares an initial with Morgan
    Leah - a bit feminine with a unisex sister and too similar to Emily
    Callie - too nickname-y
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    I prefer it on a boy, but that ship has sailed. It's #82 for girls now...and I think it's perfectly *masculine*

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