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Thread: Renaming Ailsa

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    Renaming Ailsa

    Genre of Story: Fantasy/Adventure

    Time Period/Location: Atlantis, Avalon, Astolat, Camelot, Ys, Lyonesse, Bjarmaland, Hy-Brasil/Brasil, Brittia, Niflheim, Thule, Annwn, Alfheimr, Svartalfar, Medieval/Renaissance-like time period

    Brief Plot: The story is an expansion of the Arthurian literature. The story takes place in a fantasy world where places that are based on the mythical land above exist on their own continent(which means that some of them need to be renamed). A group of people, most of which are based on Arthurian characters, have to come together and reform King Arthur's round table in order for them to find Yggdrasil, the Holy Grail, and fight Morgana le Fay. While on their adventure they also have to ally themselves with a group of rebels who aim to change the somewhat corrupt government, learn to trust each other, and find mythical islands. The story has a lot of elements from Welsh mythology, Celtic mythology, Norse mythology and Germanic folklore.

    Unchanged Characters: Bryony, Alistair, Ronan & Oona

    Character 1:
    Current Name: Ailsa Gallagher

    Reason for Change: Ailsa is a place name. I was apprehensive about that when I first named her, but the more I thought about it, the less since it made that a girl from a fantasy world would be named after an island in Scotland. It wouldn't have bothered me as much if it were a word name, a surname name, or an animal name, but I couldn't find any proof that the island was called Ailsa Craig prior to the 14th century.

    Character Description: The character is 14-15 years old. This character lives in Lyonesse. Her family is supposed to be Irish and Scottish. That will probably never be stated though, since these places wouldn't exist, which means that her name does not need to be Irish or Scottish. She is intelligent, sensible, and can at times come off as a know it all. She has red hair and blue eyes. She looks like this:Attachment 2403

    For her I've come up with the names Saoirse(seer-sha), Roisin(ro-sheen), Lilwen, Ellery, Maren(possibly with Margaret Noreen or Margaret Nessa as a full name), Greer, Nessa and Agnes. Her name has to at least sound decent with the title, Lady put in front of it(as in "How are you today, Lady Lilwen?"). I'm not sure whether or not her name needs to be easily pronounced. I went months without knowing how to pronounce Eowyn, Hermione and Briony, but it didn't affect the stories at all. I'm pretty sure that I could figure out how to work how to pronounce her name into the story or just let anyone who reads the story google it. As of now I'm leaning towards Saoirse, Roisin, Lilwen or Ellery. I'm just not sure which of those names fits her best. The name also can't clash(well not too badly) with Alistair, Bryony, and Oona, as they'll be mentioned together quite a bit. Her name being too close to Ronan's name isn't as much of an issue, seeing as they won't be mentioned together very often. I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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    I love the idea for this story, kind of like a Once Upon A Time concept but way better because of the mythology!

    I think that Lilwen and Ellery are both too L heavy with Lady in front of them but depending on how much her name is actually said as Lady Lilwen/Ellery they could still work.
    I think that Saoirse works best with not only Lady but also the other names in the group. It has a regal feel and would also bring the Irish/Scottish air that I think you're trying to bring to her land.

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    I agree with the above poster about Lilwen and Ellery. Maybe try Gwendolyn "Gwen" instead of Lilwen, or Emery instead of Ellery?

    Other suggestions (these were taken almost entirely from my search for Cornish, Irish, and Scottish girl names)...

    Soren (I know it's a boys name, but I think it could work on a girl. Maybe she's named after a relative?)

    But, honestly, I think any of your names could work! In this situation, it might help to step into her mother and father's shoes, to see what name they would like best. Or, if you're really stuck on your character description, take the picture (we actually can't see it!) and see which name fits best with what she looks like.
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    Stolensunshine, I agree that Lilwen and Ellery don't sound great with Lady put in front of them and Lady Saoirse does sound more regal.

    megan_ashley, I actually considered a lot of the names on your list for her and other characters.

    I think I'm going to go with Saoirse. Thanks!
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