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    Peregrine is one of those names I swoon over. We've got it in a combo - Osiris Peregrine Loki - and I think it's just such an amazing name. It's sweet and fierce and strong and handsome all at once. It makes me think of a knight. I pronounce it per-eh-grin and I love Pippin as a nickname like Peregrin from LOTR.

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    Looks like it's a girl!

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    I quite like Peregrine! I pronounce it "-grin". I love the meaning; "traveler, wanderer"

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    Peregrine has a certain panache, flair, flamboyance, quirkiness and likeability and of course the nn Pippin is so cute! I can see an adult going by Perry.

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    Thanks for all the responses berries! I'm actually swooning over the sibset of Peregrine, Augustus, & Selene (and maybe Jude). I know my family will never go for it, but I'll at least put it on my list even if I can never use it. I love all the nn options (especially Pippin, which is growing on me a ton). Thanks again berries!
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