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    Is Barrett Too Common?

    I love the name Barrett, but I am concerned it's too common. What do you think? Any other names similiar to Barrett that I should consider?

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    I wouldn't say that Barrett is a common name... If you like it, I would use it. I think it's a very nice name.

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    I've only heard it as a surname, and would only use it if it was in my ancestry. You should check your family tree for names like Bennett, Boyer, Bartlett, Brenner, Brennon, Barton, Garrett, etc. It's just better for future generations researching your ancestry if random surnames-as-firstnames have a legitimacy within your family.

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    I didn't even realise it was a name.

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    I know of two Barretts- One is a six year old little boy, and was named after his mother's maiden name, and the other is three, & I'm not sure where the inspiration came from. But the three year old Barrett goes by Bear, and I think it's so adorable. You should use it. It's not all that common.
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