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    Wavering on our chosen middle name...

    I don't know what it is, but we never seem to be able to settle on a middle name for Alexander. I thought we had settled on Caspian, but now that I'm pregnant again (and kinda hoping for another boy so Liam will have a brother close in age), I'm just not really feeling it anymore. (Still really like it; I just don't love it like I did before.) I think DH is kinda over Caspian as well. His new favorite is Finnian, which I like as well, but it bugs me that it basically has the same structure as William (consonant-i-double consonant-ia-consonant). But since it would be a middle name, maybe it would be okay, especially if we spelled in Finian instead? As for me, my first choice is still Crispin. It has been my favorite middle for Alexander for a while now, but DH isn't sure about it (although he admitted it has been growing on him lately).

    We both actually really love Leopold. The problem with him is that Isobel Theophania is my favorite combo for a hypothetical second daughter, and I don't like the match-y Theo/Leo beginnings. However, who knows if we'll ever have two daughters (or even one, for that matter), while a boy named Alexander is a definite possibility at this point, so I'm starting to think it's a bit silly to reject a name we actually both agree on just so we can possibly have the chance to use another name in the future. (Oh, but I do so adore Theophania...) It's the same problem with another one of our other favorites: Constantine. We've already agreed that if our fourth and last child is a second boy, he'll probably be Alexander Constantine, but I'm hesitant to agree to use Constantine for this baby if he's a boy because I love the combo Dominic Valentine for a possible third son and wouldn't want matching -tine endings. Argh!

    And then there's my latest name crush: Cosmo. For a long time, all I could think of when I saw the name was Cosmo Kramer from "Seinfeld", but recently I went through my DVR backlog and saw an episode of "Castle" where Castle and Beckett take care of a baby while they try to locate his parents. Castle decides to call the baby Cosmo, which was what he would have wanted to name his daughter Alexis if she had been a boy, and I just started seeing the name in a whole different light. Alexander Cosmo -- awesome, right? But I'm not sure yet if Cosmo is just a fleeting crush or a possible lifetime love...

    Anyway, which combo would you go with if you were us?

    Alexander Caspian
    Alexander Finnian (or Finian)
    Alexander Crispin (if DH finally gets on board)
    Alexander Leopold (giving up on the possibility of Isobel Theophania unless we end up with only one boy and three girls)
    Alexander Constantine (giving up on the possibility of Dominic Valentine)
    Alexander Cosmo (or maybe Cosimo; I can't decide which version I like better)

    Thank you!
    Proud mother to William "Liam" Balthazar, Catherine "Cate" Ophelia, Veronica "Vera" Seraphine, and Alexander "Axel" Leopold!

    Nicholas ~ William ~ Alexander ~ Sebastian ~ Gabriel ~ Benjamin ~ Dominic ~ Oliver ~ Crispin ~ Gregory
    Zoe ~ Catherine ~ Veronica ~ Penelope ~ Elizabeth ~ Daphne ~ Anastasia ~ Seraphina ~ Ophelia ~ Felicity

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    I[m hoping that your husband will grow to love Crispin. I think Alexander's strength and masculinity needs a romantic, dashing and "softer" mn like Crispin. If there is a chance that the baby will be curly-haired it would clinch it for me!
    All the best,

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    Out of your choices, I like Alexander Crispin the best.

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    Crispin! I love it.

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    Alexander Leopold! It doesn't really seem at all matchy w/Theophania to me, and as both names would be in the middle spot, I sincerely doubt anyone would ever notice. Hadrian is another option you might like...Alexander Hadrian?

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