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    Cavanaugh as a first name?

    I need some help .... I would love to honor my mother in law for our second sons name . Her name is Connie Cavanaugh . We can't use Conner , Conley or Connie so I was thinking cavanaugh as a first name but I would need a nickname .... Any suggestions ? Can't use Van . Also if you have other suggestions for Connie please feel free to post them too! Thank you in advance !

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    You could try Conan, Connall, Conrad, Conway, Deacon, Constantine or Macon (Macon and Constantine are a bit out there, but not as much as Cavanaugh).

    I think Cavanaugh would be too much, you could try Vaughn instead (or as a nn if you really insist on using Cavanaugh)
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    I can't really see Cavanaugh as a first name... it's just so long. Maybe just Cavan? Just out of curiosity, why is it that you can't use Conner?

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    Connor is one of my best friends sons name , so I can't use that. Thanks for the tips , keep them coming!

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    I really like Cavanaugh! I can imagine a dashing romantic hero in a Georgian or Victorian novel named Cavanaugh. It does seem rather surnamey so perhaps better in the middle though- I love the combo Edward Cavanaugh.
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