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    The worst and best names from your previous lists?

    When I was eight years old, I swore I'd name my kids Melanie or Sylvia...
    ... but just a few months ago I had such "gems" on my list as Rainbow and Bitsy. I'm glad I got rid of those!
    What names from your old lists are still viable? And which make you think, "I liked THAT???"?

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    When I was a kid, I adored the name Nancy. I have absolutely no idea why, but I'm so glad I got over that!
    My names have pretty much stayed the same, except for me scrapping Esther my list a few years ago. I used to LOVE it, but now find it just meh.
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    I didn't exactly make a list when I was younger, but I did have different favourites. I used to love Imogen Elspeth, and Aurora Breanne (they were my faves) and then I found my love for Pandora. All of those names are still on my list, and Pandora is still my absolute favourite. Phoenix Storm used to be my fave (and only) boy combo, and I still love Phoenix, but with different middles, and Storm is on my list.

    The only name not on my list that, I toyed with before, is Hunter; I even considered Phoenix Hunter/Hunter Phoenix! Even then it was a bit of a GP, and now I definitely feel it's not something after which I'd want a future child to be named. Plus one of my friends is absolutely anti-hunting (as am I to an extent) so it probably wouldn't go down well.
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    a few weeks ago I went through and old list from when I was about 8 and found three names I absolutely adore which were Lauren, Charlotte and Matthew. But there was one when I looked at it I outwardly cringed at and would would feel sorry for anyone named that. That name was Nevaeh... Sooooooooo glad I got rid of it.
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    My top names used to be Piper, Birdie, Abel, Asher, and Bo, but none of those are on my list now. Over time, I just found something wrong with each of them and grew to not like them anymore.

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