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    I used to love Nevaeh, Emersyn, Carsyn, and Hudsyn for girls according to my name book from ten years ago. For boys I liked Osten and Cameron. They all make me shudder, now.
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    When I was in elementary school, my favourite names were including: Veronica, Vanessa, Virginia, Isabella (my favourite barbie), Jessica, and Angela. Some of them stay on my current list.
    The worst part.. Idk, probably some creative spelling like Jazmyn. It was never on my list, but I've to admid I liked it.
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    When I was about 12, and really getting in to names, my favourites were Cobrin (boy, not Corbin), Bremyn-Rose, and Shasta (g). Ummmm...
    The sad part is, they're very trendy-sounding, but I still have a soft spot for them :/ I wouldn't want to use them now though.

    I did like Kaschia Blue for a bit a couple years later, and that one does not hold any interest to me at all anymore.

    On the whole, my boy list has been pretty stable through the years. I did end up with crazy things like Scotia Gynn on my list for girls in my teens, too. Ugh. Gynn, pronouncing like... I was clearly very underage at that point.
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    I think the first time I ever heard a name and thought it was just beautiful was Ailsa when I was about 6. I still think it's lovely but it's far too close to Elsa which I can't stand right now.

    I remember making the first list though, and Jenna was top of it. I'm not a fan, but do like Jessa and Jemima.

    The worst has to be Gypsy, entirely for the cultural appropriation and it's history as a derogatory term (nowadays, in the UK at least, the Irish-Traveller community use it frequently to label their own culture and don't take offense at others using it, but I know in other parts of the world it's different, and the way it relates to Romany communities is a whole other thing). It was on my list when I was 11-ish, and I just thought it was different and whimsical and cute.

    Oh, and Paddy. I don't know why I thought that was sweet for a little boy. Joel was a favourite for a while too... eh.

    Others that I remember from my lists aged 11-ish and still really love... Annabella, Tallulah, Daisy, Flora, Margo, Immy, Dexter, William, Archie, Alec (still top of my list).

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    Iseult Matilda
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    Alba Madeline

    (Eilidh = ay-lee. Iseult = ee-soolt)

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    When I was younger I loved the names Madison and Riley and Owen. I still really like Owen but it is too popular and doesn't really work for my Greek family. But Madison and Riley are way to trendy what was I thinking?
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