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    36 weeks and in a PANIC-- PLEASE HELP!

    I wrote another post for the Girls' Forum because we are Team Green, and I will try to make this one more succinct. My husband and I have agreed upon two boys' names, but neither feels like "the one"... at least not yet... We have a two-year-old named Maeve Josephine (I am obsessed with her name and want to be obsessed with this one too!)

    Quick background: husband's family is 100% Irish, but unfortunately a lot of the Irish boy names we liked in the past are way too popular for us now. Maeve is in the 500's and it's still borderline for me in terms of popularity (we do live in the Northeast, so Irish names are even more common here). I am overly preoccupied with popularity numbers, so please keep that in mind.

    Middle names: likely Christopher, after my brother, possibly George, Joseph, or Paul (all family names).

    So far we have:
    August Christopher and Crosby Paul.

    We are leaning towards August, nn Gus. I feel pretty good about this choice but I am weird about nn's... I don't mind using them, but I also don't like when a child is called the name exclusively, and I worry that would happen. To me, I might as well name him Gus then! However, August sounds like formal and has great meaning...

    We both love Crosby, and I know everyone says that's all that matters, blah blah blah, however the main reason we love it is because we are huge fans of the NBC show "Parenthood" and LOVE the character named Crosby (played by Dax Shepherd). So, I don't want it to be too much based on one pop culture reference, if that makes sense?

    Other names we have considered: Rory (slightly too popular, and too many NE'ers say it like "RAH-ree" which sounds terrible--my husband's grandmother says it in her Irish brogue "ROAR-ee" which is perfect), Declan (too popular now), Dexter (husband not sold on), George (he likes a lot, just doesn't "do it" for me), and Merit (potentially our girl name as well).

    Based on all of this, please share any thoughts, suggestions, feedback, etc?? We are down to the wire here!!

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