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Thread: Help pleeeeease

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    Help pleeeeease

    Im 37 weeks pregnant today with my second child, a boy. We have finally chosen a first name - Flynn but we are struggling with middle names.
    My partners father died before we met and we felt it nice to honor him in some way. However, we aren't keen on his actual name - Colin, but found that Colin is a diminutive form of Nicholas which we both like. The problem is id like to honor my dad in some way so suggested his second name of George. My partner doesnt want our son to have George as this is my dads actual middle name. Diminutives of George that i can find include - Dod, Georgie & Geordie none of which we're very keen on.
    Does anyone know of any other nicknames for George?? Or for Stanley, my dads first name??
    Many thanks
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    Behind The Name lists versions of George from various languages, so perhaps one of those would appeal to you:

    Among the more usable variants, perhaps you'd like Jordi, Jory, Joris, or Yuri.

    For family, perhaps Stanislas, or Stanton? Stanley apparently means "stone clearing", so maybe Peter, which just means "stone". @handsallover's suggestion of Lee might also work.
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    I like Stanford as a name (and as an aspiration).

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    I love rkrd's suggestion of Stanford - I think Flynn Nicholas Stanford sounds fabulous!

    Flynn Nicholas George sounds adorable, is he really against just using George?

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