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    My vote is for August Christopher, would make a lovely sibset Gus & Maeve!

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    I love August; I've known one little August, but I teach in many different schools so I meet a lot of kids. If you're not set on Irish names, I think either Corvin or Quentin would be wonderful with Maeve.

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    I LOVE your daughter's name. I also LOVE the name August Christopher. It's unique, but recognizable and you'll never have to worry about spelling or pronunciation issues. I think it's a perfect match for your daughter's name! I live in Pennsylvania so the name Crosby can't be separated from the hockey player for me. I know several little Crosbys and they are indeed all named after Sydney.

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    I ADORE August Christopher - timeless and elegant, perfect with your daughter's name - and I also think that Gus is the best nickname in the world ( instantly likeable and spunky)… I suppose you've ruled out Fergus, another great name that might lead you to Gus?)… At any rate, I'd say you're in good shape, mama !!!

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    I personally love August and I think August Christopher goes well with your daughter.

    I also like other suggestions of Brennan and Finnegan. Perhaps Finnegan August or George Brennan ( or vice versa since I'm not sure how many syllables your last name has!)

    If you love Crosby, do it. Maeve and Crosby works if that's what you love! I am a huge Parenthood fan but Bing was my first thought when I originally read your post, which makes it feel more classic than a reference to pop culture.

    Good luck!

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