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    I know what you mean about the specific pop culture reference but I don't think you need to worry in this case. When I hear Crosby, I think of David Crosby. I also really like August. Have you considered going bigger (Augusta, Augustus...) and using August for the nn?

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    Maeve Josephine is STUNNING! I understand your concern with popularity, but you have to remember that today's popularity isn't the same as it was in the past. Even more popular names (names in the top 100) are not really THAT popular once you get past the top 50. I don't know about you, but I may hear of a baby or two named one of those names, but that's about it. Have you checked into your state? It can break down percentage of total births and even actual number of births on SSA. I mean, even nationally, the top boy names aren't even at 1% of total births. So, if you're wanting a name closer to the 500th most popular name, you're fine.

    You also have to remember that being on naming sites such as here, you may feel that certain names are SO popular, but they're really not in the "real" world. My daughter's name is Nora. Her name has been steadily gaining popularity and is currently at #107. I have never (thus far) come across another Nora. Whenever people ask me what her name is and I tell them, they say something to the effect of, "Oh wow, such a pretty name that you never hear!" That being said, I was feeling the same EXACT way as you when I was pregnant with her and saw Nora climbing the charts and being mentioned quite often on these type of naming sites. I was in the same type of panic mode because my name is SO popular for my generation (Stephanie). When I started looking/analyzing the SSA names more carefully, it put me more at ease and I realized that yes, many names on these sites are slowly gaining popularity, but they still aren't very popular relatively speaking. For example, Nora is #107 and Kimberly is #88. I don't know a Kimberly under 30. Also some other names more popular than Nora: Genesis (#56), Serenity (#58), Lauren (#72), Melanie (#77), Kennedy (#83), Skylar (#87), Trinity (#93) and Andrea (#99). If you look across to the boy's list from Nora at #107, it's Eric. Again, don't know an Eric under the age of 30. Again, if I listed names on the boy side, it's the same thing. I may've heard of these names vaguely, but it's more from these sites and not actually being used that widely by actual people in the real world.

    I hope I'm making some sense and you're seeing the point I seem to be struggling to make. Bottom line is, both August and Crosby are fine choices and I wouldn't worry about popularity as it's so relative. You also have to take into account your personal circles. I am aware of a little boy named August, but I know it's not at all popular. His parents are amazing people - they're hippies and professors. At my daughter's school, she has boys with names like Miles and Elliott. Miles is one of my favorite boy names and when I found out about the boy at her school, I freaked out thinking it's suddenly really popular, but I know it's actually not and it's more the circle I'm in. I also know of 2 Carolines and a Clara. I know SEVERAL little Henrys. Same with Jude. As for top 10 names, I really don't know that many which you think I would considering they're "so popular"...I know 1 Noah, 1 William, 1 Michael, 1 Aidan, 1 Emma, 1 Emily and 1 Madison.

    August Christopher nn Gus is a lovely name. You need to go for it.
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    August is great! I'd nix the nn, doesn't really need one. Crosby just makes me think of Crosby, Stills & Nash...not a terrible reference, but I'm not one for using surnames unless they're in your family tree.

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    Crosby, Dexter, George and Gus are precisely the kind of quirky and spunky names that long to be paired with Maeve Josephine (love!).

    Maeve Josephine {and}

    Cormac George

    Dermot Crosby

    Fergus George, nn: Gus

    Finnegan Crosby

    Oscar George

    Rafferty Gus, nn: Rafe

    Sullivan Dexter

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    I really like August. Have you considered Flynn? It's currently sitting at around 700 in the US.
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