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    36 weeks and in a panic-- PLEASE HELP!

    Back here after you wonderful Berries helped me name my two-year-old, Maeve Josephine (I love her name every time I say it!) and I'm even more desperate this time!

    We are Team Green (unlike last time), which is exciting and even more nerve-wracking. Here are a few of my choices, a few of my husband's choices, and a few of our compromises to give a sense of our style.

    I very much love vintage names, but some of them are too "out there" for my husband. A few examples: Winnie, Pearl, Beatrix, Harriet, Louisa, and Tabitha. I also love some very Irish names (husband's family is 100%, has a lot of family living there, grandmother emigrated at 18 years old, etc), but I'm not sure how many pronounciation battles I want to deal with or to have my daughter deal with. Names in this category: Mairead (LOVE IT, almost named first baby Mairead, but now I think it's too close to Maeve?), Roisin, and Saiorse. I also toy with Rowan (too popular I think), Fiona (same), and Rory (prefer for a boy though). Also, I come from an eclectic background (Italian, Irish, Polish, Ashkenazi Jew, to name a few) and I'm not sure I want my children's names only Irish-derived, if that makes sense.

    Our middle names, after our grandmothers, are likely to be either Mary or Virginia. However, my name (Kathryn) seems to be easier to pair, but I'd really prefer to choose a name to honor our grandmothers. Another option: my mother-in-law's name is Rosaleen (Anglicized version of Roisin), and I happen to love Rosaleen, as well as Rose, but I would only use Rose as a first name (way too common for me for a middle).

    Last thing-- I am very weird/borderline obsessive about a name's ranking on SSA. Maeve is in the 500's, which is fine, but anything above that makes me nervous. Yes, I grew up in Catholic schools as one of the 10 Kathryn/Katherine/Catherine/Katie's, so I am overly sensitive to that.

    MY HUSBAND'S FAVORITES: they've been the same since we started dating in 2002! They are Rose, Mary, and Evelyn. That's it. However, he is trying to branch out for my sake.

    THE ONLY NAME WE CURRENTLY AGREE UPON: Merit Virginia-- Merit was my choice, and I still like it very much, but I'm not sure that it's "THE ONE"... ALSO, I worry about the matchy-name thing, especially because our last name begins with an "M"... it might sound too Kardashian! (gross!) PLUS, I don't like any "M" boy names (unless I were to save Merit for a boy, which I've considered as well).

    Based on that entirely too long background, does anyone have suggestions, ideas, words of comfort, anything to share? I thank you for reading this far and would appreciate ANY feedback!

    xo Kathryn

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    I think that Roisin is a lovely choice! Yes, there may be some pronunciation issues when people read the name but your daughter will introduce herself verbally the most and once people are corrected it really isn't that hard to say! I do like Merit but I think that if you have doubts that you didn't have with Maeve Josephine then you should keep looking.
    Other irish names to consider:
    Clodah (Cloe-dah)
    Muiranne (Mirren)-If you're liking the 'M' theme.
    Finola/ Nola/ Fionnuala
    Name lists still under construction

    Holliday Astrid Mabel
    January Iris Aurelia
    Gretel Sunflower/ Ireland Kate
    Fauna Flannery Elizabeth
    Ingrid Lilou Josephine

    Bingham Fox

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    My daughter's name is Evelyn Rosemary so of course I'm a fan of your husband's choices! I had originally planned for her to be Evelyn Louisa, though (her due date was Louisa May Alcott's birthday.) We went with Rosemary to honor my great-grandmother, but I still love the flow of Evelyn Louisa. Evelyn Rosaleen would be lovely, too. Yes, Evelyn is probably higher on the popularity ranking than you would like, but we actually have yet to run into another little Evelyn.

    Mairead is a little close to Maeve to be used as a first, but should be fine in the middle, and is close enough to Mary to count as honoring grandma, I think. Rose Mairead is lovely. But very Irish! Louisa Mairead flows nicely, too. Beatrix Mairead is ok too if slightly harsher.

    Another thought would be Vivian Mairead (I like the sound of Vivian with Maeve). Or Vera Mairead, or Verena Mairead, similarly nice with Maeve.

    Personally, I would save Merit for a boy, when you have so many lovely girls' names to play with.

    I'm 36 weeks, too, team pink, and not settled on a name yet either! I keep waiting for the eureka moment. Good luck!!

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    If you love Merit Virginia but worry about the kids names being too matchy, why not switch them? Go with Virginia Merit (which I actually prefer the sound of).

    I also love Rose and would love to see it as first name more often. Maybe

    Rose Evangeline
    Rose Ingrid
    Rose Veronica
    Rose Tabitha

    Or maybe the name Rosemary might work for you. Combines Rose which you like and Mary which your husband likes...

    Rosemary Alice
    Rosemary Enid
    Rosemary Edith
    Rosemary Eileen

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    Would you combine Merit and Rosaleen/Rosalind/Rosalie/Rose? I like that combo any way you flip it, especially Rosalie Merit. Best of luck!

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