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    Middle name for Rosalie

    Rosalie is our top name for a girl at the moment, and we think it is time to start looking for a middle name.

    Could you possibly help us with that by simply filling in the blank?

    Julius Tate, Eden Sophia and Rosalie ______

    This is just for us to get some fresh ideas.

    Thank You
    Momma of Julius 'Jules' Tate & Eden Sophia

    Rosalie Florence//Laurel Vivienne//Helena Fleur//Flora Josephine
    Isaac Reid//Felix Jasper//Avery Jasper//Emmanuel Felix

    Little One Is Welcomed Around Mid-June

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    I like Rosalie Sage, Rosalie Elle and Rosalie Joelle from your signature!

    I also think these might work:

    Rosalie Christine
    Rosalie Fay (got it from Frey)
    Rosalie Paige
    Rosalie Kate
    Rosalie Summer
    Mother Of 2 Boys: Santos & Adriano

    ~ Expecting Stephano/Isabella?
    ~ Auntie of Rosalie

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    I love your kids' names, so sweet. I like

    Rosalie Beatrix
    Rosalie Pearl
    Rosalie Sage (mentioned above)
    Rosalie Gray
    Rosalie Jane
    Rosalie Grace
    Rosalie Blair
    Rosalie Nicole

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    Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

    Girls: Cordelia, Persephone, Isadora

    Boys: Atlas, Leopold, Osiris

    The caterpillar still waits....

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    I also say Rosalie Sage and Rosalie Joelle are really nice.

    How about:
    Rosalie Quinn
    Rosalie Maeve
    Rosalie Audrey
    Rosalie Taylor
    Rosalind "Lindy"

    Darling Girls Leah~Madeleine~Audrey~Elise~Michelle~Taylor~Danica ~Joelle

    Mesmerizing Men Levi~Julius~Arthur~Isaac~Ezra~Dominic~Victor~Jesse ~Caleb

    Guilty Pleasures Jaron Emmanuel~Mako~Evanna~Arlo~Nikolai~Rico

    Currently at the top: Atticus Bailey & Kyra Annabelle

    Waiting for our gift to arrive in June

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