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    First one that came to mind for me was Susanna. I think it has an American feel, but the "s" (rather than Suzanne) feels more European.

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    Savannah was my first thought. Then Abigail and Charlotte, then Dakota -- nms at all, but fits quite well. Might be a more recognizable place name as kid's name than Montana (though I know a girl named Montana who is in her early twenties. She goes by Tana exclusively).

    I think a fresher all-american girl one might be Lilah/Lila. I love this name and it has (IMO) the best part of Delilah without the connotations.

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    Are Molly, Montana, and Austin all girls names?

    Does he approve of Luke Sebastian for a boy?

    What about:

    Mary (he might like this since Molly is a nickname for it)
    Marian or Miriam or Maria (same strategy as Mary)
    Mona or Monica (instead of Montana)
    Aubrey/Audrey (same beginning sound as Austin)

    I love the suggestion of Susannah. It does not get more American than James Taylor's version of Oh Susannah (if you were thinking of this as a goofy song, listen to his take on it. It is the perfect ready made lullaby.)

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    My first thought was Sadie. Or, what about Elise?

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