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    2 weeks to go and still no name!

    I'm still not totally set on a name for our little girl. I thought we had settled on Allegra Jane (thanks to many of you who were so helpful!!) but I'm just not totally sure!

    Any last ideas of something to go with Jane? I prefer something more uncommon (out of the top 100) and something that fits with brothers Stafford & Reed.

    Also not opposed to having Jane as the first name. Our last name is 2 syllables and pronounced Oil-er.

    Please help! We are running out of time!! Thanks in advance!

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    I still love Allegra with Stafford and Reed. Allegra Jane is such a cute combo, and she could go by Allie if she wanted a nickname.
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    I really love Allegra Jane...

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    Avery Jane/ Avery Jean
    Kinsley Jane

    Good luck, and congratulations!

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