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    Name to honor grandmothers

    My husband and I have picked Ann for a first name, in honor of my 2 grandmothers who both have Ann for a middle name. We'd like the middle name to be after my husband's grandmothers but are having a hard time finding a fit from Gwendolyn Victoria and Myrtle Mae.

    We are looking for combinations of names (like Maelyn, but we don't think that fits with Ann), variations, or names with similar meanings (like Gwendolyn means "white ring" and Myrtle is a flower so we were looking for names that mean "white flower" but only found Blodwyn, which isn't a good fit for us.). Would love any ideas, thanks in advance!

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    OK. This is hard!

    Would you consider giving your daughter 2 middle names?

    If so, how about:

    Ann Victoria Mae? I think it has a nice ring to it and you can get away with both as Ann is very short.

    If you don't want to use the exact names, however, I would suggest perhaps using the initials:

    Ann Maria Grace
    Ann Violet Marie
    Ann Gabriella Marie

    I think Maelyn could work with Ann, Ann Maelyn sounds fine to me.

    Good luck!

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    Ann_____: honoring Gwendolyn Victoria and Myrtle Mae:

    Do you know the months each grandmother was born in. January could be Janelle, June could be Juniper, October could be Octavia, November could be Nova, Novalie, but I think you need two middles to honor both women. Does anyone know what their favorite color, flower, or bird or animal was? A place they liked to vacation?

    Ann Geneva Mae

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    Mae + Gwendolyn could give you Madelyn
    Mae + Victoria could give you Mavis (or Maeve, but I'm guessing with a one syllable first name you're looking for a multi syllable middle)

    Or what about Laurel? It's botanical, like Myrtle, but symbolizes Victory, for Victoria.

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    I'd go w/Victoria Anna-Mae.

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