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    Middle name for Jane

    My husband and I are expecting our 3rd daughter. We've decided that we want to give her the name Jane but can't come up with a middle name. Our other daughters' names are Anna Grace Catherine and Naomi Elizabeth. (We also have 3 boys named George William, Timothy Edward and Malachi David)

    We prefer classic, traditional names and nothing that starts with the letters C/K or E.

    Thank you!

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    I'd lean towards longer middle names with emphasis on the second/third syllable for flow:
    Jane Olivia
    Jane Sophia
    Jane Amelia
    Jane Aurora
    Jane Lucia
    Jane Alexandra
    Eliza June, b. 12.2.13 at 1:21am

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    I love your children's names! Is Anna Grace one name, or does she have two middles?

    I ditto Jane Amelia and Jane Olivia - definitely lovely. And what about:

    Jane Arabella
    Jane Victoria
    Jane Dorothy
    Jane Louisa
    Jane Beatrix
    Jane Abigail
    Jane Lydia
    Jane Phoebe
    Jane Matilda
    Jane Mariah
    Jane Amanda
    Jane Agatha
    Jane Augusta

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