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    Question Middle names for "Gail"

    My husband and I want to name our first daughter after his mom, Gail. The name appeals to me because it hasn't been popular in AGES and is a very normal sounding name. My husband is career military and hopes his children will follow his lead. We think that Lt. Col Gail Goldstein is a more serious name than Lt. Col. Paislee Goldstein. I HATE trendy names!

    Our first pick for a middle name is Helen, the name of my maternal great grandmother. I've also thought that "Elizabeth" which is my middle name and the name of my maternal grandmother would be a choice. We are even flirting with using "Megan" which is my name.

    Here are the choices written out:
    Gail Helen Goldstein
    Gail Elizabeth Goldstein
    Gail Megan Goldstein
    Gail Margaret Goldstein (I just thought of that)

    What do you guys think? Any suggestions would be helpful Just nothing trendy

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    I like Gail Elizabeth and Gail Margaret.
    Other suggestions:
    Gail Miranda Goldstein
    Gail Victoria Goldstein
    Gail Helena Goldstein
    Gail Bethany Goldstein
    Gail Penelope Goldstein
    Gail Susannah Goldstein
    Gail Melody Goldstein
    Gail Catherina Goldstein
    Gail Cassandra Goldstein
    Gail Dorothy Goldstein
    Gail Deborah Goldstein

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    From those choices, I like Gail Margaret the best.

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    You make a good argument for any professional career. People do judge a doctor, lawyer, educator by the caliber of their name.

    Gail Marguerite (Margaret is very old-fashioned, and Gail is already a more old-fashioned name, I think you need to compliment it with the middle and not match it. That said, Gail Margaret does roll off the tongue nicely.)

    Gail Alexandra (and the accent is on the 4th syllable then altogether, something different)

    Gail Louisa

    Gail Elizabeth is beautiful (and meaningful to you!)

    What about playing off Helen? Gail Alena, Gail Ilene.

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