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Thread: Constance

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    Hello berries,
    I am gathering opinions about Constance. It has been a long favorite of mine and I have slightly forgotten about it until the night I was watching the Oscars and there was a Constance - I suppose she was someone's mothers but it's not what matters.
    So I went back to my old love and now I would like some feedback. How do you feel about Constance? Does it feel classy, prim or clunky to you? Do you like the nickname Stanzie/Stancy ?
    I have a combo Constance Helena on my list and possible sibling names are Oscar "Oz" and Sibyl.
    Thank you in advance!

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    I think Constance is a wonderful vintage beauty. It has a prim and proper lady vibe but that's part of its charm for me. It still feels down-to-earth. The name makes me think of the terms "constant and true" or "steadfast and true". Constance Helena is pretty but the combo does remind me of Constantine the Great and his mother Helena.
    All the best,

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    Thank you, mischa. Whoops, I didn't know Constantine's mother was Helena.

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    I've recently added Constance to my list! I like that it's a subtle virtue name and that it feels vintage and prim. I love the combo you've come up with and the sibling names you have in mind go wonderfully.

    I'm not fond of the nickname Stancy/Stanzie. I prefer the name in full.. I do so with most names.
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    I really like Constance! My favourite nn is Coco though
    Best of luck!

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