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    1. Arianne = air-ee-ann. Ariane = are-ee-ahn. It all gets a wee bit complicated when the French actually say it though, lol--I think it's technically like are-ee-ann, but it sounds a bit muffled with all the Frenchiness and I could easily hear where you get AIR-ee-ahn from.
    2. I'm not sure. Spelling being an issue with pronunciation, you mean? I think it's unusual enough that people don't really know how to say it, so they'd just follow your cue.
    3. It's always looked like it's missing something to me. I like Arianne much more. But Ariane looks really elfish and French to me, which I like about it.
    4. Absolutely. If Liliana (lily-ah-nah) can get the nn Annie (which I've heard), then why not the opposite way around? I think Arianne could get Ana, sure. Even if it's pronounced like air-ee-anne. A lot of nicknames aren't sound for sound the same. I think of Evelyn nn Evie (which is more often than not EV-eh-lin and EE-vee)--I feel like Arianne nn Ana would be a lot like that.
    5. Yes! omgoodness, yes. I love Arianne with your surname.
    6. I picture a sweet little girl with wispy blond hair, a shy smile, and twinkling blue eyes. She's a bit of a chatterbox, a total mama's girl, who loves to read on mama's lap and discover princess stories and is easily content to play with herself, although she's not terribly shy. She's just rather quiet, and doesn't need others to keep her from feeling lonely or bored. I can see her playing in a treehouse as she gets older, and being very smart/studious in school. Kind. Friendly. Gentle-hearted. The first time I came across Arianne was the daughter of a Christian recording artist. Her name is Arianne Mae, and she's just a baby doll! I think she's about seven now, but she was about 2 or 3 when I first saw a photo of her, and she just melted my heart. I wanted one, haha. I've been in love with Arianne ever since.
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    averelladavina- Thank you! I'm a big worrier to begin with, but since naming a human being is such a daunting and important task, I find myself worrying even more!!

    aym- I am very familiar with the term; I'm from the United States so I learned about that through my years of schooling. Also, that was one of my favorite subjects...that sounds really bad...not favorite as in good, but favorite as in intriguing...that still probably sounds bad, I'll just stop now haha! That association is really starting to worry me though However, I do think Arienne would be "worse" of the Ariane/Arianne/Arienne spellings in connection to "Aryan"

    ashthedreamer- Yes, I meant would spelling cause problems with pronunciation mainly. I do feel like Arianne looks more complete but I feel like with Arianne it may be "Anna" rather than "Ana". Minus the blonde hair, I could definitely see a daughter of ours being like that! (that little Arianne you were talking about is adorable)

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    Ariane - [ah-ree-AHN]
    Arianne? - [ah-ree-AHN] or [ah-ree-ANN] (in an English-speaking context)

    2) I don't think so, since Ariana and Arianna are pretty well-known names. However, both spellings could bring difficulties.

    3) Ariane is perfectly fine: it's the standard French form of Ariadne, as in "le fil d'Ariane", and used in a famous verse by Jean Racine.

    4) Ana would be more logical for Ariane, but it could work for Arianne.

    5) Yes.

    6) I picture the cute Princess Ariane of the Netherlands, which is my second association with the name.
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    sugarplumfairy- Thank you! I keep going back and forth on a spelling. I feel like Ariane would make more sense but I like the look of Arianne with "jur-roo"

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    I think Ariane/Arianne is pretty! Audrey Hepburn played a character by the name in one of her movies, if I recall.
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