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    Happy birthday! I was born in spring too, but I was born in October, when it's Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. We actually just welcomed Autumn here. (With 90 F. I'm already feeling Winter coming. haha) ;D Do I count?

    Names that remind me of spring include:

    The romantic ones (season of love and all): Amoret, Isolde, Juliet, Liliana, Marian, Odette
    The florals: Blanchefleur, Calla, Daisy, Flora, Magnolia, Rose (and Nessarose, Primrose, Rosalind, Rosamund, Rosemary)
    The greens (Spring is a very green season to me): Araminta, Esmeralda, Esperance (and Hope)
    The animals: Dove, Faline, Fawn, Nightingale, Starling
    The Goddesses: Artemis, Demeter, Freya, Olwen, Persephone

    This was really fun!
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    Happy birthday ashthedreamer!
    I'm in the same boat as @nla - I'm a Spring (October) baby in Australia!
    I always think that Jasmine is SUCH a spring name, because the jasmine outside my window flowers just around my birthday I love it!

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    Nora ~ Alice ~ Esmé ~ Elise ~ Lucy ~ Fiona ~ Grace ~ Rose ~ Vivienne ~ Evelyn ~ Genevieve

    Henry ~ Patrick ~ George ~ James ~ Oliver ~ Theodore ~ Joseph ~ Lucas ~ Atticus ~ Isaac ~ Thomas

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    So you southern hemisphere spring babies, is your spring sort of like our fall? Trees falling, etc., just before all the cold season? Is your summer cold, then?! I was never sure how that worked, lol.

    @nla, some of those seem more summery to me--Isolde, Juliet, Amoret, etc. Interesting!

    And thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone. It has been a good day! So far, at least.
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    Robin---Thats the first 'spring' name that popped into my head--does anyone use Robin anymore? I read ANGEL UNAWARE what seems like a million years ago and I have always liked the name Robin since then.
    Happy Birthday and Happy Spring!!

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