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    Would It Be Completely Insane To Add This?

    As some of you know, I love the associations I have with Gertrude. The connections I make with the name are with the movie Jersey Girl, with Jennifer Lopez playing a Gertrude, and Ben Affleck as an Ollie, their daughter being named Gertie. The movie is set in the 1990's/2000's, so it's not a historical film at all.

    My mum and I often discuss names, and she agreed, Gertrude reminds her of Jersey Girl and ET (Gertie was Drew Barrymore's character). She also said she liked it and it went well with other names she sees me using (Matilda, Eleanor, Josephine, Lillian, etc).

    The more I think about it, the more I like it. Would it make me completely crazy if I added Gertrude nn Gertie to my list?

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    There was another really great movie with a Gertie/Gertrude in it but I can't remember the title right now! While, personally, I'm not a huge fan of the name, I definitely think it could work on a little girl in today's day and age. Gertie definitely lightens the name up.

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    Unfortunately the way I say Gertie ends up coming out more like "Gerdie," or girdle, and Gertrude reminds me of the words girdle, rude, and prude, and of GERD, the acid reflux thing. Honestly I've never liked the name, however, I still prefer it over many names being used currently. Just thought I'd be honest.

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    Gertrude makes me think of Hamlet. If you really like it I'd add it!

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    It wouldn't be insane since you seem to like it, and it does match your other favorites. Personally, the sound is really unappealing to me, but it's not my hypothetical baby! Gertrude isn't an awful trendy name that has no history -- the opposite, it's a very old name. If you love it, who cares of others don't? (And it's mom-approved, which is even hard to get than mens' approval sometimes )

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