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    Girl names to go with...

    Need suggestions on girl names to go with these.

    Joel Eliseo
    Josiah Strong
    Breaker Michael
    Samuel Gideon

    Girls names I like, but not sold on:
    Elizabeth (Effy) Robin
    Rowan Lynn

    Any suggestions? :/

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    Joel Eliseo + Rose Leocadia. Simple, strong first names, elaborate lush middles.

    Josiah Strong + Naomi Truth - 3 syllable Biblical firsts, impactful and uncommon virtue middles. I liked both True and Truth. I generally like Faith but am not sure about it here.

    Breaker Michael + Rowan Elise - Breaker was a hard match. I think Rowan captures similar flavour? Couldn't decide between Elise and Eliza. Rowan Elizabeth works too.

    Samuel Gideon + Elizabeth Rhiannon - I liked the idea of matching two names as impeccably timeless as Samuel and Elizabeth, but I kind of felt like the middle for the girl needed to be as long and as unexpected as for the boy? I could even see picks like Rosamund working with Gideon. And I looooove Gideon and so many of the names that go with it.

    Am I way off base? I sort of was playing stream of consciousness.
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    you're not way off! thanks for your input I like Rose... never thought it would be a name I'd like, but with Joel it is nice...

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    Joel Eliseo and Ruth Angelina or Joel Eliseo and Paige Coriana

    Josiah Strong and Naomi Justice or Josiah Strong and Adrienne Faith

    Breaker Michael and Rowan Lynn( or Lee ) or Breaker Michael and Merritt Rose

    Samuel Gideon and Elizabeth Robin or Samuel Gideon and Rebecca Simone

    I love Elisabeth Robin, only Elisabeth with an S. I like Libby, Ellis, and Seth as nns. I like Rowan on a girl, but not with Lynn as a middle. Rowan Delilah, Rowan Meredith, or Rowan Jade. Rowan Judith too.

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    les filles ~ Audrey Cordelia Eliza Fiona Hazel Lucy Mabel Viola

    les garçons ~ August Charles Griffin Hugo Isaac Jude Lachlan Theodore

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