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    Baby Girls A to Z

    Favorite Girl Names A to Z?
    For an extra challenge let's say you are naming 26 sisters (middle names & matching sibling sets)!

    A) Adalyn Mae
    B) Britta Ivy
    C) Coraline June
    D) Delilah Remy
    E) Ellery Jane
    6) Fiona Rose
    G) Gretchen Lea
    H) Hadley Jenna
    I) Isla Gray
    J) Joanna Bea
    K) Kennedy Page
    L) Lorelai Audra
    M) Marley Aine
    N) Norah Posey
    O) Olive Ever
    P) Pippa Rae
    Q) Quinn Ava
    R) Raena Blue
    S) Sutton Violet
    T) Tamsen Kate
    U) Ulli Skyla
    V) Veronica Belle
    W) Willa Lenore
    X) Xaveria Lane
    Y) Yalena Honor
    Z) Zadie Lyla

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    A) Anastasia Avalon
    B) Bea Bellerose
    C) Clelia Cressida
    D) Delphine Dominique
    E) Erin Emiliane
    F) Freya Felice
    G) Galatea Gael
    H) Helena Harlow
    I) Isadora Indigo
    J) Jocasta Jolene
    K) Kristiana Kieran
    L) Lilia Lavender
    M) Magdalen Mingon
    N) Natalia Nerissa
    O) Ophelia Ottilie
    P) Persephone Poesie
    Q) Quiana Quail
    R) Renata Romilly
    S) Sailor Severine
    T) Tatiana Tate
    U) Urania Undine
    V) Valeria Valentine
    W) Willow Wren
    X) Xandra Xenia
    Y) Yesenia Yale
    Z) Zeta Zenobia
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    Adeline Ava
    Bonnie Bernadette
    Caroline Claire
    Diana Daphne
    Emmeline Eliza
    Freya Fleur
    Genevieve Grace
    Helena Harper
    Iris Isabel
    Johanna June
    Katherine Kay
    Leila Lucille
    Meredith Maeve
    Nicolina Nairn
    Olive Ophelia
    Phoebe Petrova
    Quinn Querida
    Rosalie Rowen
    Sage Scarlett
    Theodora Therese
    Una Udelia
    Violet Veronica
    Willow Wren
    Xenia Xanthe
    Yasmine Yvaine
    Zoe Zuzannah

    "Addy, Bonnie, Care, Diana, Emme, Freya, Gen, Lena, Iris, Joey, Kate, Leila, Merri, Nina, Olive, Phoebe, Quinn, Rose, Sage, Thea, Una, Vi, Will, Xenia, Yasmine & Zoe"

    - Sara Viviene -
    Girls: Helena Ruby ~ Caroline Daphne ~ Violet Isabel ~ Rose Adeline ~ Bonnie Imogen ~ Ariana Fleur ~ Lydia Sage ~ Katherine Grace ~ Iris Emmeline ~ Olive Evangeline

    Boys: Gabriel Isaac ~ Frederick Anthony ~ Elijah Dominic ~ Weston Oliver ~ Tristan Alaric ~ Sebastian Henry~ Samuel Avery ~ Ezra Matthew ~ Damon Alistair ~ Schuyler Marcus

    GP: Calvert ~ Cassius ~ Niklaus ~ Harper ~ Damon ~ Petrova ~ Ophelia ~ Lux ~ Quinn ~ Aubriana

    “We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same” ~ Anne Frank

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