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    6. Renaming Main Character's Brother

    Genre of Story: Speculative, Dystopian/Utopian Fiction

    Time Period/ Location: The future (date is not relevant), North America

    Brief Plot: As one country invades another, children and teenagers are abducted and have their memories erased. This is done in order to strip each person of their past experiences so that the invading country can re-mold them to become members of what they deem to be a “perfect” society. Some characters are able to recall brief memories, which leads them to form an uprising to find out answers and take control of their lives again.

    Character Name: Edmund Arkand- He is a levelheaded, middle child, who always keeps the peace between his two sisters. He is clever, confident, always up for a laugh and sees the good in every situation. After having his memory wiped, it is decided that his strengths are best fit for the military section of the new society. He cannot remember anything until he runs into his sister (main character) by chance. His personality is a bit rocky while he has no memory and he lashes out and has a problem with his temper. This crops up often, even after he begins to regain his memories. He has straight brown hiar, light blue eyes, and a long nose. He’s tall with a wiry frame.

    Anything Else: Right now he is a secondary character, but he is important to the plot. The main character Lena (short for Helena) is his older sister and his younger sister is Sylvie (Sylvia). At first I thought that Edmund fit perfectly, but when it comes to dialog I want his sisters to use a shortened version of his name, but I hate “Ed” it doesn’t seem to fit. What I need to know is whether or not the name fits this character, and if not, what are your suggestions?

    These are the names of the other male characters to give you an idea of the style I’m going for: Alpheus, Beale, Crow, Dmitri, Felix, Griff, Holden, Huxley, Jago, Jarvis, Milo, and Roan.

    I would really appreciate feedback, and if you need more info just let me know.

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    Edmund fits with the style of names you've given us, yes. Would Ned work as a nickname for him?

    Other suggestions for names/surnames in that style:

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    I agree Edmund really fits the style of the time table that you have given.
    Other suggestions:

    Hope this helps
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    Edmund is great but if the nickname Ed doesn't feel right there's no point in forcing it

    Carlisle maybe? With the nn Carl?
    Elias nn Eli?
    Victor nn Vick?
    Thomas nn Tom/Tommy?
    Peter nn Pete?
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    renrose: Thank you for the suggestion of Ned as a nick name, that may work better. I also like Phineas, Harmon, Foster from your list. I may end up using those later. Thank you for the feedback.

    harleyqgrayson: I really like Alexander and Samuel! I will test those out as well. Thank you for your comment!

    lizalee: I do like Edmund a lot, but it does feel a bit forced. From your list I really like Elias, Victor, and Thomas! Thank you for your feedback.

    I’m glad to know that Edmund does fit the character. I will keep your suggestions in mind and try them out. Hopefully something works, and as I continue with the story maybe one of them will really grow with him, and maybe he really is an Edmund and I’m just being too picky! Thank you all again for the feedback!
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