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    amandaescoto25- I'm the total opposite! I don't know what it is, but I just can't stand the sound of Genevieve in French...which would be a major problem if we used it when it came to talking to my SO's family!!

    ashthedreamer- Yes!! I'm not alone, hahaha!! I feel like everyone likes them better in French and then "hate" on the English pronunciations and I'm sitting there all "but I like the other way!!" Lydie kind of reminds me of eyelid? Hahaha, I have no idea why though! I think I miss coffee a little because when I saw Capucine I saw "cappuccino". I feel like Madelaine and Adeline would cause some problems in the States; Madelaine being mistaken for a "Madeleine" spelling or something and I think that Adeline would be pronounced "LINE" at the end (or even possibly Lyn). Prune probably wouldn't be the best to use here, hahaha I had a thread just for the name Anabel/Anabelle/Annabelle/Annabel but it was just causing too many problems so I scratched the name. And I actually didn't know that Clementine was a French name and had previously suggested it and my SO laughed and said no way I wouldn't want you to have to go out of your way to ask someone about names, that wouldn't seem right! Thanks for the website ideas, I'll take a look at them for sure!!

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