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    Sorry for repeats; it just means I second them. I'm French-Canadian as well, so I know a bunch. I left out the accents

    Mylene / Mylaine

    Off of your list, my favourite is Madeleine. Josephine and Emeline are nice too
    Rose Celia Elise ?
    Benoit Leo

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    mickie9- I like Arianne, Genevieve, and Juliette however all of my concerns are leaning me towards a no-go for all three My concern for Arianne: I feel like in the states it would always be said Air-ee-ANNE The name itself has been creeping up on me (in a good way) but that spelling issue just holds me back and I just don't know if Ariane looks right. For Genevieve: The pronunciations in French and English for it are very different (at least the endings) and I don't like the French-pronunciation (no offense) but because of SO's family it would be hard to avoid and I don't want my daughter going through life with different people pronouncing her name differently; also the alliteration of Genevieve "jur-roo" bothers me. Juliette: The alliteration is a no-go for me

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    For what it’s worth... I think you might be making it unnecessarily difficult for yourself trying to find a name that sound exactly the same in English and French. I grew up bi-lingual and went to a bi-lingual school. (German - English) The Germans in my life definitely pronounce my first and last name very differently than the English-speaking population. It never really bothered me much - my mom choose a name where she liked both pronouciations - and I like them too. I guess I never expected everyone to say it the same as other words that both languages have in common also have different pronunciations. (IE: Pizza).

    I understand your desire for your child to have “one” name but I’d also suggest making a list of names where the two of you like both pronunciations. It might help stave off some of the “I can’t find the perfect name” panic that can creep in - esp for a name-nerd.
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    lexiem- I totally get what your saying; but the idea of two pronunciations just bothers me and I feel like will make things hard on not just my daughter but myself as well. I'm not French, I'm not really good with saying names in French (and can't speak much of it either) so I will probably always say the English pronunciation which I know will bother my SO's family and there's a good change it would/will lead to problems which is why I want to find a name that can be pronounced the same in both French and English.

    If I could find a name where I could tolerate or like both pronunciations, I'd definitely add it to the list, however I haven't found any of those yet. I like Adelaide said in English but really dislike it in French; I like Genevieve said in English but really dislike it in French (no offense to anyone!). I have yet to find one were I like, or at the very least-tolerate, both pronunciations

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    Here's a totally different french name. I know a little girl with this name. Her older sister is Alix (Al-ix not Al-ex) and her younger sister is Madeline (but goes by Maddie). They are from the States, but (like you), have roots in French Canada. Her name is Zoelie. That's pronounced Zoel-ee. Zoel like Noel or whole, but with a Z. It can also be pronounced Zo-AY-lee but this version is written with an accent egue on the on the first e. A more "English" version is Zolie (Zo-lee . Zo like "so", but with a Z). Zoelie is my favourite option. It's totally unique, but sounds like something well known. Thoughts?

    p.s. You liked Fleur, but it felt incomplete, how about Fleurette or Fleurine? But those are a bit.... different, for me at least.
    I also think you could look into names that end in -elle because most of them have French roots. I knew a girl named Sophie and her older sister was Arielle. Their mother was French Canadian. I always though Arielle was super pretty.
    One last idea, then I promise to stop editing this post :P Eleanore. It gives you the nn Ana while sounding French (not sure if it is).
    Final question - Why not just name her Ana? Ana originates from Anne which is a french name.
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