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    waverly123- I'm sorry!! It was a good idea, I just have way too many concerns about it

    renrose- I'm not a fan of Amelie and I actually wasn't aware that Clementine was French! I suggested it a while back and my SO literally laughed and said "no way in h***"
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    Some unusual names from my database of French ancestors: Perrine (it means 'traveler'), Catiche (diminutive of Catherine), Sebastienne, Alix.

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    rkrd- Perrine, Catiche, Sebastienne, and Alix are not my style, sorry! Perrine and Catiche will definitely cause pronunciation issues; Sebastienne and Alix look like misspellings of the boy name Sebastien/Sebastian (which I love for a boy) and Alex to me

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    I don’t know what names you have rejected in the past but this is what I came up with: (I know some of these have accents in french but I feel like they work equally well without and are legit spellings least as far as I can tell the pronunciations aren’t that different in English in French) I * my favorites.
    Adelaide, Alexandrie*, Annette, Antoinette*, Axelle*, Claudette, Denise, Giselle, Ines*, Leonie*, Lucille*, Melina, Ninette, Yvette*.
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    lexiem- I like Adelaide and Lucille but Adelaide has multiple accents in French and I know the sounds are almost completely different in French and English which makes the name a huge no-go for me; I don't want my daughter to have two different pronunciations to her name when she talks to one side of the family and then in her "everyday life" and with the other side of the family. We can't use any "Lucy/Lucie" names as there are multiple family members named Lucy/Lucie already

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