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    Alrighty... I’ve been thinking about this conundrum while running errands all day. I still think you are restricting yourself too much with what it is that you don’t want the name to be. I suggest reconsidering something.... anything to loosen the restrictions a bit. (IE: not repeating the name of your SO’s second cousin’s daughter or something - whatever it is that you feel might work.) It might allow you to reconsider some names.

    I was also thinking about how you want the name to be “French” but... since Canada isn’t actually France -- could a name from a French speaking country work? Moroccan? French Polynesian? Congolese? These names are less likely to have an accent mark and are unlikely to already have been used by someone you know. I promise to do some research if you think this might be interesting. (Or maybe something from a native tribe from where your SO is from?)
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    lexiem- Oh no! I didn't mean for this to start creeping into peoples lives so much!! I can see what you're saying about loosening the restrictions, however I just can't think of any that I can loosen up on. With my SO's family, a lot of names are repeated over and over again so even though I may think a name sounds nice, it's just lost all it's "zing" to me. Like Lucille/Lucy/Lucie; there are a lot of them in SO's family, so while I think it sounds nice, it's just lost all the specialness to me. As long as the name comes from French roots it wouldn't really matter (I'm not sure if that's what you're asking though?) that's the big part of it; my SO (and I) want it to honor his heritage which is why we don't want to use a name that is just popular in France or something of the sorts

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    I don't know how much time you have left before your baby is born. If it is early in your pregnancy, maybe you should put the French search aside for a bit. I don't mean let it go completely. If you review names in general, you may stumble upon the appropriate French name accidentally. Or it may be that when you revisit the current suggestions you will find one that you love. (This happens to me after I am frantically try to remember something. I wake up in the middle of the night with the answer.)

    Arcadia (Has lots of cute nn possibilities: Cady, Cade, Ari, Dia, Ada, Adia, Ace, Ara. Paired with an N middle and you could use Ana.)

    Charlot (I'm thinking the pronunciation would be Shar-lo. I hear you saying unique spelling of Charlotte)
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    irmgard+theodorian- Thanks for the suggestions, however the ones I could possibly like have been suggested and in most cases, I don't like the French pronunciation at all which would be a big problem!

    pamjsg99- I'm due in May, so there isn't a lot of time left. I'm not over the moon about any of those names, sorry

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