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    Callie: To me Callie is cute, but only on a cat.

    Caroline: I love Caroline! Ever since I heard the song "Sweet Caroline" it has been a favorite of mine, but hard to pull off IMO.

    Cora: I really like Cora, but I am sort of torn on how I feel about it standing on it's own. I love it as a nickname for Cordelia especially.

    Cate/ Catherine: Love this classic. Cate spelled this way has always been my favorite over Kate!

    Nina: I always saw this name as extremely boring. I like Mina, but that is my sister's name.. I don't know what it is, but I have never liked this name.

    Geneva: Very Beautiful. Genny or Eva are great nicknames. This is like a fresher Genevieve.

    Ginnifer: Awful. I'm sorry, but this just makes my skin crawl spelled this way.

    Arabella: Love this name, one of the prettier "Bella" names imo. VERY frilly though, almost tooo frilly for even me! I still love it though. I always saw it as a sassy Anabelle.

    Aveline: Never really a fan, I like Evelyn much more.

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    Arabella - LOVE this. It would be my future daughter's name however my husband doesn't like it at all.
    Catherine - Always a classic & timeless name but I prefer the spelling for Kate as NN.
    Nina - Super cute!

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    Callie - I think this is a little too little girly.
    Caroline - I worked with a Caroline who was a real b-hole so I'm not crazy about this one.
    Cora - I like Cora, has the same vibe for me as Cara and Claire.
    Cate/ Catherine - I love Cate! I have always preferred that spelling to my own. Instead of Catherine I might suggest Catherina.
    Nina - Nina is pretty. Very simple.
    Geneva - I love this, so refined. Great with quirky nn Ginny.
    Ginnifer - No. Just use Jennifer.
    Arabella - Not my favourite but has been getting lots of love on NB lately. Too frilly for my taste.
    Aveline - I automatically pronounce this AvaLINE so it gets a no from me. Pronounciation probz.
    Ginny/Ginnie - Love Ginny as a nn only. Not a fan of Ginnie.
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    Why not change Ginnifer to Gillian? My sister Gillian was nicknamed Ginny Jones (a bag of bones). So I think Ginny is a viable nn for Gillian.
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    My top two are Caroline and Catherine. I do not care for Ginnifer at all.

    Some suggestions -


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