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    I really like the idea of Leonora & Greta. Greta is such a classic name, but unusual nowadays. I think you could really bring it back!

    otherwise I LOVE the name Artemis, and I agree that letting your son help is very sweet and meaningful. I named my little sister when I was three! haha. Leonora & Artemis sound like beautiful, mythical warrior women (appropriately, I suppose).

    all the names you have picked out are lovely.

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    Haven't got many suggestions but consider that the other girl might not love that her sister got two really meaningful/honorific middle names if her own were chosen 'just because', or vice versa (first one not liking that her middles are of a different style than her sister).
    Just another consideration.

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    Hi anotherkate, that is a really good point, all siblings feel fairness very strongly and I can imagine twins more so. I also feel they need to have equally balanced names so both first names need to be longish, at least three syllables which does sort of rule out some of my favourite names. There is never really a just because when it comes to names though is there really? There is always something that chimes. Grace is what I was always told my name meant, or by Grace of God so the idea of using Grace is just me cheekily naming a daughter after myself and Josephine is after my mother who is Jo but Joanne (which she hates). Artemis was of course a twin and it would be great to include our son in the choice.
    Everyone has been so helpful and I think I have at least shortened the front runners now down to Josephine, Arabella, Artemis. I can't believe how lucky I am having twin girls, thanks for the ideas.

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    Does your partner have a name, middle name, or relative's name that you might want to include as a middle? I agree with another Kate that it might be nice to have that balance.
    I love Artemis and especially with Leonora. Such strong but still distinctly feminine names. To me Josephine is not that interesting. I should like it, as it fits with all the others I like, I just don't. And to me, Arabella is too frilly without the substance that Leonora has.

    Artemis Josephine Grace is my suggestion from your current list.

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    Leonora is a name I have been pondering lately, I adore it. Nora would be a great nn option. From your list, I think Arabella goes best. Two of my biggest name crushes lately, along with Leonora/Leonore have been Wilhelmina and Beatrix.

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